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in the meantime someone else take this on because ohhhhhhhhh my godddddddddddddd

in the meantime someone else take this on because ohhhhhhhhh my godddddddddddddd

Spoilers for AHS:C; I’d put this under a Read More, but I’m in the process of deleting and remaking, so this blog isn’t gonna be around for long.

I’ve seen a few people complaining about AHS:C because they don’t think any of the protagonists are sympathetic and “the witch hunters are more sympathetic blah blah blah they’re actually trying to protect society from those power-crazed bitches” and that last bit rubs me the wrong fucking way, so I’m gonna complain about it here before I reblog this to my new blog and go to bed.

First of all, the group of witch hunters in AHS:C are a predominantly male organization dedicated to KILLING women who show ANY signs of having magical powers. Like, when Hank’s dad brought him on a hunt as a boy, the witch they caught was backed into a corner begging for her life and only fighting back because she was in danger, and Hank’s dad pretty much beat it into him to stop thinking of her as an actual human being and kill her in cold blood.

So just, uh…just think about those implications for a minute.

Moving on: Early in the show, Marie Laveau mentioned that the only reason non-black witches exist is because the white women from Salem took their powers from Tituba, and then their descendants inherited those powers. Now, it’s not entirely clear whether or not that’s true (especially since I saw quite a few non-black witches of color who showed up at the academy in the finale, but then again, they could’ve had black or white ancestors who were witches), but if it is, then it’s true that those first witches hold more responsibility for their powers. Their descendants, though? The women who were born with their magic? They didn’t ask for this. Yes, it’s true that some witches have been using their powers selfishly and harmfully from the get-go (eg. Fiona and Madison), but there are also a lot of (at least initially) innocent witches whose powers have caused them serious trouble (eg. Zoe, Misty, and maybe the red-headed witch Hank killed) — whether it’s from society being assholes about it or not being able to control their powers.

There were a lot of reasons why the coven went to shit for most of the series: Marie Laveau’s feud with both the witches and Delphine LaLaurie, Cordelia’s loser husband being an undercover witch-hunter, Zoe making really stupid decisions, Madison being an asshole from the start, etc. But the main reason isn’t because “women with power in this series are all bad and that power goes to their heads and having a coven is just breeding more sociopaths etc. etc. etc.” 

It’s because the coven is under Fiona’s influence and Fiona, despite being an amazing character, is a shitty fucking Supreme.

The whole point of having that academy is to create a safe haven for women and girls with magical powers — a safe haven that helps them control their powers in a way that will allow them function in a non-magical society, but still allows them to learn more about said powers and have pride in who they are. The job of the Supreme is to run the academy, and to guide and protect the young women under her care.

Fiona doesn’t do any of that. She revels in all the power that comes with being the Supreme, but doesn’t want any of the responsibilities that come with it and pushes them off on her neglected daughter. When she finally does come back to lead the coven, she leads the girls in the wrong direction, helps pit them against each other, and even plans on killing off anyone she suspects of being the next Supreme. Fiona is someone who should not hold any power, as she only cares about her own interests and will destroy anyone who gets in her way. Additionally, she’s actually the one who caused the academy students’ increase in power in the first place; it’s implied that Fiona’s neglect and belittlement of Cordelia have given the latter a poor sense of self-worth, causing her powers to temporarily manifest in the other girls until she is finally able to gain confidence in herself.

Cordelia, on the other hand, takes her job of running the academy seriously, is fiercely protective of all of the girls in her care, and is probably the only person in the whole show who actually puts the interests of the coven over her own. I’m not saying that it would be smooth sailing for the coven after the finale, but the finale makes it very obvious that Cordelia would make a good Supreme and that the coven will prosper under her guidance.

Anyway, whatever, I’m dumb, g’night.

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man I love daftpunk but to treat them as your kawaii otp….. what……

yyyyeah jamie told me she saw a lot of shipping in the tag

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but yeah either way it doesn’t matter because i love stromae and i’ve listened to that damn song nonstop all week oops

really? like i know it depicts stereotypes about women and men but id heard it was also stromae bringing up his like annoyance with men and how they act sometimes
like this song and papaoutai play off one another and he said he sings about things that are appropriate to his life

well the song is mostly sung from a female POV and it was supposedly based on stuff the women he knows have said and the only part of the song that’s from a male POV is the “rendezvous rendezvous” part where he’s like “yeah yeah we have this fight every time you get your period”

but i mean that’s just based on what *i’ve* read about it and even if he is being sexist it’s still kinda easy to turn around plus it’s my favorite song by him

tous le memes, or translated, all the memes


the only thing i’m gonna say about this “animal pronouns” debate is 1) it was a dumb idea to begin with and 2) it reminds me of bronies using the word “everypony”

i feel like i shouldn’t like “tous les mêmes” because i looked up the english lyrics/meaning and it seems kinda sexist but at the same time you can still turn it around and it’s still SO GOOD


do you ever go through those phases where you just don’t feel like talking to anyone for a few days and it’s not because you’re mad or anything you just don’t feel like talking???

in the meantime do you have any idea how mad i am that they cut this



From the time it is born, a flame burns at the tip of its tail. Its life would end if the flame were to go out.”

what if the litwick tried to revive the charmander by reigniting its tail but the charmander ended up as a ghost/fire type with struggle as its only move


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